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Forum Fellows

The EU Hitachi Science & Technology Forum requires the support of experts who have a keen interest in European societal issues. These experts will be interested in contributing to the overall success of the EU Hitachi Science & Technology Forum through a strong personal commitment both during plenary sessions and preparatory meetings together with Forum working group members. These individuals will be known as Forum Fellows.


Forum Fellows are selected by Hitachi and endorsed by the working group members. Their appointment is based upon their personal expertise and knowledge in a given field. They have been participating into one/several Forum plenary sessions during which their leadership skills and their capability to enrich the Forum debates have been clearly demonstrated, while being well accepted by Forum members.


  1. Forum Fellows will be expected to take the leading role during the Forum plenary session whenever a discussion is focusing on their field of expertise
  2. Forum Fellows may be asked to moderate a specific part of the Forum plenary session
  3. Forum Fellows will contribute to the overall format of the proceedings, to be issued after every Forum plenary session
  4. Forum Fellows will be expected to participate, together with the working group members, to the working meeting during which the format and content of the next Forum plenary session will be discussed and agreed upon.
  5. Forum fellows will agree to attend a minimum of two plenary sessions out of three consecutive ones.

EU HITACHI SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY FORUM FELLOWS (click on names to view curriculum vitae)

  1. Sir Stephen Gomersall, Forum Chairman, Group Chairman for Europe, Hitachi, Ltd.
  2. Dr. Jean F. Freymond, Director, Geneva Dialogues (D@G)
  3. Prof. Mieczyslaw Muraszkiewicz, professor, Institute of Computer Science, Warsaw University of Technology
  4. Mr. Antoine Ripoll, Administrator, PPE-DE Group, European Parliament
  5. Dr. Florian Schmitz, Partner, Clifford Chance
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