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Pierre E. Longin

In 1997, Mr. Pierre Longin launched the idea that Hitachi gather former European trainees to Hitachi Laboratories in Japan and organise a debate between them and selected high level speakers and moderators on the impact of Science and Technology on European society. After only a few months of preparation, the first gathering was held, in Juan-les-Pins, France in 1998. The EU Hitachi Science & Technology Forum was born.

Over the next few years the Forum was fine tuned and improved. Mr. Longin then had the idea to have the summary of the discussion compiled, printed and sent to as many decision-makers and stakeholders in Europe as possible, in order for Hitachi to contribute in a concrete way to the European public policy debate. This was to be the beginning of the Forum Report publication and distribution.

In 2001, he suggested that, to further improve the quality of the Forum debate, Hitachi should appoint a small group of advisers who could help in defining the agenda of the Forum and in selecting high level speakers and moderators; the Forum fellowship was created and Mr. Longin was of course appointed as Forum fellow.

From the above text it is clear that Mr. Longin is in a sense “Mr. Forum” as without his ideas and creativity this now well established event would never have sprung to life and would certainly not have survived the test of time. Through his extensive network of contacts he has also been able to get a variety of high level speakers and moderators to attend the Forum.

French by birth and European by conviction, Mr. Longin was also a passionate lover of the arts. He loved reading historical books and often went to antique house sales and more often than not would walk out with a hidden treasure at a fraction of the price. Painting, opera and classical music were also part of his eclectic mix of interests. He was also a very proud father of three sons and a daughter and of course enjoyed spending time with his numerous grandchildren. Basically Mr. Longin had boundless energy and he loved life, anyone who got to know him personally can not have helped but be swept away by his boundless energy, intellectual capacity and generosity.

Mr. Longin attended the 12th EU Hitachi Science & Technology Forum in Brussels on 7th May and passed away a few days later. This 12th Forum will therefore be the last memory that most of us will have of seeing Mr. Longin.

All of the people involved in the Forum over the past years will greatly miss Pierre Longin and his absence at subsequent Forums will leave a big void.



Stephan Krautwald

It is with great regret and sorrow that the Forum team has learned the death of Forum Member Stephan Krautwald after a severe illness.

The Forum team will remember Stephan as a committed Forum member who participated in the activities of the Forum Working Group in 2002 and who was always willing to participate and to be involved. He will be greatly missed by all of us.

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