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The EU Hitachi Science & Technology Forum provides a platform where the impact of new technologies on European society is addressed, debated and assessed. A summary of findings is regularly published, and widely distributed to decision makers, academia, business partners, and opinion leaders as a contribution to the EU public policy debate. Hitachi is proud to organise this Forum which main objective is to contribute to shape public policies which will improve the daily life of the EU citizens.

The EU Hitachi Science & Technology Forum was founded in 1998. Its membership is made of European Union scientists, engineers and business people who have been participating in long term internship in a Hitachi operation in Japan. They are joined by other Hitachi partners, specially invited for their knowledge and interest in the covered topic.

The Forum is chaired by Sir Stephen Gomersall (Senior Vice President & Executive Officer, Chief Executive for Europe) supported by a distinguished group of European experts (the Forum Fellows) committed to the overall success of the Forum.

The Forum has benefited from the constant support of the Commission services, of Members of the European Parliament, of academia, of representatives of national civil services whose contributions have enhanced the Forum successful development.

In order to allow for a deeper debate and an enhanced contribution to the societal debate, it has been decided in 2008 to change the format of the Forum by having a large gathering every two years and several smaller Dialogue Workshops in between.

The purpose of the dialogue workshops is both to prepare for the debates of the forum and to disseminate its results afterwards. It is also the occasion to deepen the relationship with Forum stakeholders. The nature of the Dialogue Workshops will allow them to be more flexible in terms of format and location.

Past topics, related to the impact on European Society of new technologies or their application, were covering, among others:
- Information Technologies
- Electronic Commerce
- Life Sciences
- Water
- Energy
- Transportation
- Urbanisation
- ICT for Safety, Trust and Security
- Environment and Energy
- Ageing Society

The next Forum will address the issue of 'Sustainable usage of Energy'.

Each time, the Forum moves to a new location, in general a capital city of an EU country. This offers to Forum participants the opportunity to discover the diversity of people and culture which make the EU and provides them with a chance for visiting locations of great interest. Brussels, Dublin, Budapest, Stockholm, Athens, Warsaw, Paris and Munich have recently been visited.


For more information you can contact:

Hitachi Corporate Office, Europe
Avenue Louise 326, Bte 11, 1050 Brussels, Belgium
Tel: +32 2 643 4888
Fax: +32 2 640 0898

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Dialogue Workshops

Smaller debates between Forums

- Paris, Sep. 24, 2009


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