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The Hitachi European Connextion is a newsletter prepared by Hitachi Corporate Office, Europe as a link between Forum members and Hitachi and as a tool to promote the Forum proceedings. The newsletter is issued several times a year, announcing Forum dates and discussion topics as well as informing Forum members on recent developments made by Hitachi in science and technology.

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  • Issue 29 (Sep 08)
    Inclusive ICT
    Involving patients and health professionals = better ICT for health and the ageing
    Technology and privacy in the ageing society
    Return to Japan: Transformation from Modern to Poku ?
  • Issue 28 (Apr 08)
    Essays from Forum participants
    - Importance of technology in an ageing society: Some unavoidable global aspects.
    - Ageing Society and Technology
    - Dignity in first place
    - Ageing society: Thinking about myself getting old
  • European Connextion Survey (Jan 08)
    In order to improve European Connextion, readers are requested to fill in a survey about their readership habits and their willingness to contribute to future issues.
  • Issue 27 (Dec 07):
    Towards Innovativeness Society
    Get ready for the EU Hitachi Science & Technology Forum 2008!
    Hitachis Challenges for the new urban infrastructure toward Ageing Society
  • Issue 26 (Mar 07):
    The next EU Hitachi Science & Technology Forum to speed up the Sustainable Society
    Forum impressions and ideas
    EU Hitachi Science & Technology Forum, a promising teenager
    A first for Europe
    Get ready for the 10th EU Hitachi Science & Technology Forum
  • Issue 25 (Dec 06):
    10 years of the Forum: a truly interesting journey
    A fruitful Working Group Meeting puts the 10th EU Hitachi Science and Technology Forum on the right track!
  • Issue 24 (June 06):
    The Forum: continuous success due to dedicated team and members
    Hats off to new opportunies!
    The Hitachi 2006 Warsaw Forum a Students perspective
    Message from Anja Jerichow
    Mark Cantley retires
  • Issue 23 (Apr 06):
    Your commitment is key for the Forum
    The EU Hitachi Science and Technology Forum: Between continuity and change
  • Issue 22 (Dec 05):
    Notes from a very civilised Forum
    2006 Forum Working Group Meeting
    Blood Vessel Patterns become the Key
  • Issue 21 (Apr 05):
    Hitachi's Technologies for the creation of new urban communities
    NETWORKING: Not just a technology term!
  • Issue 20 (Dec 04):
    Working Group Meeting
    Hitachi wins Channel Tunnel rail link contract
  • Issue 19 (Oct 04):
    The future of cities
  • Issue 18 (Jun 04):
    After the 7th EU Hitachi Science & Technology Forum
    Some impressions on the Hitachi S&T Forums
    A Weekend in Stockholm
  • Issue 17 (Mar 04):
    Hitachi's R&D Approach to the Transport Infrastructure Market
    Why I will be in Stockholm
  • Issue 16 (Dec 03):
    ALL ABOARD! to Stockholm
    Hitachi R&D in Europe
  • Issue 15 (Oct 03):
    "Transport and its Implications for Society"
    Wireless Transport Systems
  • Issue 14 (June 03):
    Impressions on the Forum
    Feedback from Antwerp
    Overview, etc.
  • Issue 13 (May 03):
    Sustainable Aspects of Energy, Review of Speakers' Organisations, etc.
  • Issue 12 (Dec 02):
    Energy and its Implications for European Society, etc.
  • Issue 11 (Oct 02):
    Water and Sustainable Development, Water is Life, PartnerJob.com, etc.
  • Issue 10 (Apr 02):
    Science & Technology in Hungary, Sustainable Water Management, etc.
  • Issue 9 (Dec 01):
    Working Group Meeting 02, Mark Cantley, Global Brand Campaign, etc
  • Issue 8 (Jul 01):
    Feedback from Brussels, Forum Fellow's Views, Hitachi News, etc.
  • Issue 7 (Mar 01):
    Dr. David Bennett, Working Group Meeting 01, etc.
  • Issue 6 (Dec 00):
    Information on Biotechnology, Mobility & Security, Hitachi News, etc.
  • Issue 5 (Aug 00):
    Feedback from Dublin, President Nakanishi, eBusiness eWork, etc.
  • Issue 4 (Jun 00):
    Special Edition-Forum 00 in Portmarnock, Ireland (coverpage only)
  • Issue 3 (Feb 00):
    INRIA and Hitachi Partnership, the "i.e. Hitachi Plan"
  • Issue 2 (Nov 99):
    Special Edition-Forum 99 in Krefeld, Germany (coverpage only)
  • Issue 1 (Sep 99):
    Welcome to Connextion, Hitachi Corporate Office, Europe, etc.
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